Second novel “Hound” coming soon

Super pleased with the cover art for my second book “Hound”, which my publisher Pink Flamingo Media has just sent. It was a real challenge for me to find a photo of a tall redhead and a short brunet with curly hair, to match the two main characters. 

As a starving Bohemian rookie, I certainly didn’t have the budget to hire the perfect models and photographer to traipse down to the Bondi/Bronte coastline and take some stunning shots. Or do what authors like B.G. Thomas do and find an artist to draw an amazing picture to spec! Fortunately, with a little digital magic (done on the publisher’s end—you wouldn’t wanna see my sloppy attempts) Pink Flamingo managed to come up with a fantastic result.

“Hound” is the story of Gary and Jeff, two of Angus’s friends featured in my first book “The Lookout.” I’m really looking forward to its upcoming release!

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