An awesome review of “The Lookout”

Thank you, Kevin, for the most wonderful review on I’m tickled pink over it!

“Colin Dereham’s The Lookout is a great read.  It is a tale of one becoming three, and is explored through meaningful eroticism, tinged with a poignancy that is so rare in this genre.  It explores what happens when lives collide, and lust takes over, only to evolve into a meaningful love full of the complexity that comes from living in a throuple.   The eroticism is meaningful and balanced.  The opening chapter is epic, but real.  What I like about this novella is it bridges the gap between eroticism and literature so well. The characters have depth, and it is impossible not to form an attachment with each of them, particularly the character of Gus, a loveable cuddly bear with a heart filled full of compassion and so much love to give.  The story is contemporary and explores more than just intimacy and sex – it confronts issues of mental health, cultural diversity and the loneliness that comes when one feels that they simply don’t belong.  This novella deserves to be read – not just as an erotic thrill, but as a heart rendering story of love and loss.”

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