New reviews for “Hound” and “The Lookout”

Huge thanks to Instagram reviewer @bookishbananna for taking the time out to read and review not one, but BOTH of my new books on Instagram and Goodreads. How wonderful it is when someone truly gets everything I was trying to convey to the reader. It’s comments like these that make the hard slog of writing well and truly worth it!

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Special mention to my models Beppe and Tonka 🥰

Review for “Hound”

“Ok so this took me totally by surprise. Did not expect to have such a strong emotional reaction. I even cried a little.

This novel follows Gary and Jeff at the beginning of their relationship. Enjoyed the focus being on two side characters from Colin’s other book – The Lookout. 

There was some really intense feelings in this one. Captured so well the misunderstandings couples can have when they don’t communicate and instead try to do what they think the other person wants. 

To me this story felt very real. The relationship development from an instant attraction and physical connection into something more feels like how a lot of real life relationships transpire. It wasn’t as idealistic as a lot of erotic romance. There were real challenges that real people face such as mental health difficulties, job pressures and not knowing where you stand in a relationship.

Also, there is a lot of sexy times. It definitely gives the vibes of not being able to keep hands off each other at the early stages of love. You will need to be someone who enjoys a lot of graphic sex scenes to enjoy this book. There was tons of sweetness too though!”  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 

Review for “The Lookout”

“A fascinating, very spicy read with lots of elements I did not expect. This novel follows Patrick, Angus and Tommy as they navigate their new throuple relationship.

This feels very real and unpretentious. The dialogue and interactions felt really genuine. There is a pretty instant attraction that then leaves space for the feelings to grow and the relationships to develop. 

The ending took me completely by surprise, some elements were what I expected and then other bits completely knocked me sideways. That does not happen often in erotic fiction!”

Be aware that there is some pretty heavy mental health stuff here. In some ways I would have liked to have the multiple perspectives (we see the story through Angus). Yet, it’s also really interesting to explore mental health struggles from an outside perspective and the feeling of helplessness when seeing a loved one struggle. That was captured really well. 

Only 4 stars because I actually think this could have been a bit longer! Wanted to spend a bit more time in certain significant moments. But you know, I’m just greedy for all the details!

Thanks so much Colin for this rollercoaster of a read!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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