Fantastic new reviews for “The Lookout”

Instagram/Bookstagram bloggers @rainbowromanticreader and @pjaryan have generously given up their time to write these reviews for Instagram, Goodreads and Amazon and I’m exceedingly grateful 🤗🫂


“This book was very sexy but also very emotional. When Gus loses his roommate and has to rent out his spare bedroom, he’s expecting one man when another shows up. Tom is stunning, and Gus is instantly attracted to him. But then Patrick does show up, and he’s adorable and full of light. When Patrick suggests the three have a little fun, it kicks off a very steamy relationship between these three men. Over time, Tom and Gus grow closer as Patrick pulls away, but Tom and Gus can’t figure out what’s wrong. Emotions run high, and all three men struggle. 

This turns quite emotional, and what started out as fun quickly develops into so much more. These three men are distinctly unique and the journey is a lovely but intense one.”


“I so enjoyed this book.

The style is easy and fluid.

The characters are beautifully described and portrayed, so I had no problem envisioning them and identifying them.

The story is an interesting one. It centres around a subject that many of us involve ourselves in, but for most of us, not so deeply. However, the depth of the relationships between these men could encourage others to explore further. And even though this is a work of fiction, it’s very close to fact.

The descriptions of the sex are extremely erotic, but in an amazingly good way. The reader can be easily aroused by the detail, but never put off by it. There’s a tenderness beneath the passion. It’s so very human.

The author displays a distinct understanding of the dynamic at play here and isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

I look forward to reading more books by Colin Dereham.”

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