Inspirational Photos for my Characters

If you’re like me, you always have a picture in your head of the characters you read or write about. And if you’re like me and you’re writing a short story or novel, you trawl the web for photos of those characters living in your head.

When it came time to choose the cover art for “The Lookout”, it was an impossible task to find three men together who looked the part. Instead my publisher suggested we go for scenery and atmosphere and I loved the result. 

Here are some photos of how I perceived the three guys to look (I did my best to trace these back to the source and give credit!)

Angus needed to be a very handsome ginger bear with a sweet disposition.  

Tommy was a hard one, as he’s fortyish and all the photos of slender, dark-featured otters were much younger men.

Patrick was dead easy, from day one he looked like adult star Patrick Dunne in my imagination.

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