First “Hound” review!

Thank you so much to the marvellous reviewer @rainbowromanticreader on Instagram for this… erm… marvellous review! On top of this, she has created some beautiful slides featuring photo inspiration and quotes from my book, which I have posted below.

Full credit to her wonderful work. Check out all her reviews here:

“Colin Dereham is so good at writing an erotic story with tons of emotion. Gary is a sweetheart of a man who has kept his love life casual; always with hookups and one night stands. His mental health makes him decide it’s easier this way. Until he meets Jeff. Jeff is a sweet, sexy American who moved to Australia for love, but stayed for work when his relationship went horribly wrong. Between work and his past trauma, Jeff has sworn off relationships. But it just so happens he’s the one man Gary actually wants to commit to. Over nine months, we see Gary and Jeff go through lots of ups and downs together, neither knowing where they will eventually end up, be it together or apart. This story is very steamy and sexy, and with tons of joy and sadness. Really lovely.”

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