“Hound” now released on Amazon!

Hello folks! My two novels out so far this year have been all about Bears and Otters in unconventional relationships. There is a strong focus on authentic gay sex and I strive to make the gay relationships as real as possible (well… the best kind of real!) The intimate scenes are twice as frequent and explicit as your usual erotic romance, with a certified five-chilli heat rating. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

“HOUND” (MM) is my second book and came out this week on Amazon and EroticBookNetwork.com. It’s the story of an Aussie bear and an American otter and their one-sided friends-with-benefits relationship. There’s lots of sweetness, patches of drama and huge amounts of spicy fun (indoors, outdoors and in public places.) There are group encounters as well as a lot of one-on-one, plus some dominance and spanking in one chapter. And, of course, there is a guaranteed HEA for the two main characters.

Triggers: strong adult themes involving mental health issues.

If anybody would like a freebie, Booksprout ARCs are still available until February 28.

In ebook and paperback on Amazon:

Peace, love, harmony and happy reading 🥰

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