Smashwords “LOOKOUT” Sale $1.49 till March 12

Until I went to buy my copy of “Summoned” by the illustrious JP Jackson (@jp_jackson_writes, on Instagram), I had absolutely NO idea my books were on Smashwords.

AND… my erotic bear drama/romance “The Lookout” is on sale for $1.49 for the next six days! (OK… five if you’re in Australia. Five and a half if you’re in the UK or Europe!) That’s until March 12.

These are the juiciest bits from my reviews:

“What a brilliant read… I honestly couldn’t put this down.”

“Beautiful!… Very well written.”

“The Lookout is a wonderful read… will linger in your memory for a long time.”

“…sexy HOT! I was reading it on the train to work and had a massive tent in my pants for the whole ride.” 🤭

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