REVIEW; “London in the Rain” by Ellie Thomas

I’ve just finished a charming, elegant short by Ellie Thomas called “London in the Rain.” It’s a sweet tale of furtive gay love set in 1930’s England, shortly before the lead-up to World War Two. 

Ellie has an exquisite knack for historical detail and has captured the language and customs of the era with a keen eye. The reader is completely immersed in a time when the pomp and ceremony of manners and class were so central to people’s existence. 

The covert nature of queer life is palpable throughout this 45-page novelette. We can’t help but feel a deep sense of empathy for the two gay protagonists, whose base natural urges and desperate desire for love were something that society denied them. You’ll find yourself cheering them on, hoping the secret flame that flickers between them turns into a lifelong fire.

“London in the Rain” is out now through JMS Books.

2 responses to “REVIEW; “London in the Rain” by Ellie Thomas”

  1. I read this a few days ago, loved it. Actually I’ve read quite a few of Ellie’s stories, you can always rely on her for a gorgeous story.


    1. Her talent for historical accuracy gave the story so much charm!


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