New review from MM Romance Reviewed!

I’m so privileged to have my book “The Lookout” featured in this week’s five-star reviews on MM and MMM+ Romance Reviewed!

I owe a huge thanks to @tatted_book_freak for taking the time out to read my little book about two bears and an otter and their long, hot Sydney summer at Bondi Beach.

Here’s an excerpt of the review:

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Lookout was my second book by Colin, and was just as pleased as the first. His writing style is unique, with an exceptional development of characters. How he was able to successfully crush every stigma of society on polygamy relationships. AND, the intensity of emotions was remarkably pleasurable.
Their support for one another was phenomenal, never shying away from the concept of sharing a bed with three partners. The erotica included in the book was fiercely written and smoking hot! Smut scenes were spicy, hairy, and wet, so be prepared! Nothing against females writing gay romance, but there’s just something intensely alluring about it coming from a man’s POV.”

If you would like to see the whole review, please visit

A big thanks to Nadia Mack for “The Lookout” artwork.

Peace, love, harmony and happy reading 🐻


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