‘The Lookout” moodboard and reviews!

A massive thanks to three awesome people: Sam Pain for creating this wonderful mood board, and DMCechak and Kimmus M for these touching reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. I feel so privileged!

DMCechak – “The Heart -Lookout”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Colin Dereham owes us an apology. I never saw the tears coming, for this beautiful and bountiful love story. I was not prepared for my heart to grasp at the emotional narrative of Angus’ love. I am still feeling the after effects of the quality of Colin’s storytelling. 

There is a rawness to The Lookout. A visceral and human connection of body and heart., limbs and emotions a tumble. A physical yearning, attached to the formidable emotion we call love. 

The Lookout has a precarious balance between extremes. Love, in its most physical form, leads to love, in its most devastating one. This, in turn, leads us into true ethereal love. 

Make no mistake. This is not some poetic and fancy prose. This is three men, loving each other. Loving being a part of each others’ lives, until they are not. This is a tale of a crushingly beautiful love.

Kimmus M – “Powerful and Emotional”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was such a powerful read! The absolute joy of new love, that dizzy heady feeling off all consuming passion & joy jumps of the page & grabs you by the …….. 🔥🔥🔥. And yet I can already feel my anxiousness growing as Patrick starts to withdraw & shutdown as his mental health deteriorates. 

This book (as is Hound) is written with such raw & honest intensity from the passionate & erotic scenes to the sadness, confusion & emptiness of declining mental health, fighting inner demons & devastating loss. 

Colin, I have read both books now & your writing is phenomenal, no holds barred which I absolutely love. This book left me a gutted mess; there’s nothing wrong with that, I felt the highs & lows which is credit to you as an author. There is HEA for Gus & Tommy which is tender & beautiful despite their pain. 

This was definitely a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟read for me heartrending & passionate, I felt every emotion possible & will stay with me for a very long time.

Amazon links for “The Lookout” below!

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