Hairy Hump Day #14 (NSFW)

BEARSPIRATION: For those who may remember months back, I’m a huge fan of Mascular Studio. Link here:

Their photography is amazing. They have a breathtaking portfolio of regular, earthy fellas and photograph them at their stunning best. 

Today, I’ve gathered a collection of some of my many, many favourites for Hump Day. Please check out the Mascular Studio site! I could spend hours on there.

Here are the top halves of the birthday suit bears, dad bods and otters. And while you’re here, maybe you’ll drop your email on the front page or contact page to get a weekly digest! 😁

Peace, harmony and happy reading (and viewing) 🐻

2 responses to “Hairy Hump Day #14 (NSFW)”

    1. Amazing photographs, aren’t they! And sexy subjects 😁


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