HOUND and THE LOOKOUT on Kindle Unlimited!

If you’re like me, and you’re frequently a bit povvo/skint/broke (choose your lingo), you probably rely on Kindle Unlimited for your reading.

Which is why I’m excited to announce that thanks to my lovely publisher,

“HOUND” and “THE LOOKOUT” are now available on KINDLE UNLIMITED!

I really hope you’ll check them out. Both novels are dramatic gay erotica, featuring big, cuddly bears and wiry, furry otters as main characters. There’s a lot of romance, a lot of emotion and frequent and explicit sex scenes.

“HOUND” is about Gary, an artist living with bipolar disorder, and his muse, Jeff, an American expat businessman. Set in Western Australia, beachside Sydney and the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, it focuses on 40-year-old Gary’s discovery of first love with Jeff, after a lifetime of casual sex. But though Jeff is equally smitten with Gary, he has his own reasons to be relationship-shy and proves to be skittish and elusive. 


“THE LOOKOUT” is about new roommates Angus, Tommy and Patrick, and the explosive love they all find together over one long, hot beachside summer. But what starts out as an idyllic throuple eventually falls into a downward spiral, and after a series of disastrous events they are left trying to pick up the pieces.


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